Okinawa Sea Fishing Map

  • # Okinawa Bioinformatics#Coral reefs are treasures. Fish farming to protect against tsunami ~Spring and summer to prepare for fishing~
    [酷]After all, procrastination bloggers have no reason to be diligent and more diligent. [Okinawa Sea Fishing Map], which was half done before, has only now added a part of it. [How can it be?]

    [并不简单]By the way, popularize the common methods of fishing in Okinawa: harbor, reef, breakwater, raft and boat fishing~
    (1) Basically take equipment with you and go away. You can rent your own equipment. At the same time, a few ports do not allow fishing to pay attention. You can see a lot of Okinawa uncles with small chairs fishing for most of the day.
    (4) It is necessary to travel from the port by shop boat. It is more suitable to take children fishing, and do not worry about dizziness. Far from the shore, the sea view is good.
    Boat fishing is very fierce, basically need to make an appointment to participate. There are half-day/full-day or even chartered fishing trips. Of course, now there are also fishing enthusiasts who come to travel, want to go to the sea to enjoy the seascape and the itinerary of tourists fishing incidentally, fishing rod bait have shop ready, take sunscreen water to go to the sea to play casually. _is also the most expensive.

    [害羞]In addition, come to Okinawa fishing, catch the fish at will, want to release back to the sea or put in the stomach. But it can't be taken out of customs. Please settle it in Japan. The blogger is in Okinawa. He can't finish eating the fish that he can't take away. The Ryukyu idyllic cat of the blogger's family can help.~

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