In order to take the ideal whale-watching photograph.

  • In order to take ideal whale-watching photos, the choice of water camera equipment is very important. Although 11-24 is a good shot on land, I personally don't think it's suitable for underwater. Pillow distortion is too serious under the same angle of view. Species taken under extreme stretching will be seriously distorted.

    Designed for underwater photographers, Nauticam WACP has 11-24 focal lengths similar to those of fisheye, and is as comfortable as underwater distortion. With the 28 ends of Canon 28-70 lens, WACP can produce a wide-ranging effect equivalent to about 10.5mm without serious distortion, and sufficient zoom range allows photographers to obtain more possibilities of scene composition - in different ways. Under the scenery, there will be different perspective feeling, which is very important for the photographer's creation. More importantly, compared with fisheye lenses, WACP is easier to take a flat horizon.

    During my trip to Tonga in 2019, I will take two different cameras and housing, install different lenses, and decide which one to use according to the situation, so that you can get more excellent pictures of dancing with whales.

    Whether consulting Tonga Whale Watching Tour or WACP, you can contact me directly.

    Canon 5D4+28-70mm
    @ Nauticam Blue Sky Sea China
    Nauticam housing + WACPBeijing

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