Wei Yingdu s Tour to Xiling and Changling of Qing Dynasty (I) Jiaqing in February 2015

  • # Reed Shadow Tour#Xiling and Changling of Qing Dynasty (I)
    The tombs of Emperor Jiaqing and Empress Xiaoshuli Hitara (the birth mother of Emperor Daoguang), located in the west of the Tailing Tomb, were originally chosen by Emperor Qianlong as the son of newly Zen Buddhism. Changling Shinto is the only Emperor Mausoleum connected with the main Shinto of the Western Tomb of Qing Dynasty (Tailing Shinto). Shengong Shengde Stele Pavilion is also the last one of Qing Emperor's mausoleums. The architectural form and layout of Changling are basically consistent with that of Tailing. There is no open visit at present.

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