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  • Shanghai Museum: Dong Qichang's Art Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting
    1. Duck Head Pill Tie of King Xian of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, 2. Tang Huaishu Bamboo Shoot Tie, 3.4. Eight Atlas of Changqiuxing in Ming Dynasty, 5. Ancient Mountain and Water Atlas of Dong Qichang in Ming Dynasty, 6. Records of Yueyang Tower in Ming Dynasty, 7. Draft Songs of Dong Qichang in Ming Dynasty, 8. Eight Kings of Changyan and Wu in Ming Dynasty, 9. Qiying Zhu Jun Buying Donkey Atlas.
    The exhibition is coming to an end and the museum is crowded with people. Wang Xizhi, Wang Xianzhi, Wang Xianzhi and Song Huizong at the entrance of the exhibition were entangled by several groups of people, each group was led by one person, surrounded by a tight needle, and explained in detail. For more than an hour, I had a very bad experience of watching the exhibition.

    Duck Head Pills: Duck Head Pills, so bad. Ming should be a must, when you meet with the king.
    Explanation of Bitter Bamboo Shoot Tie: Bitter Bamboo Shoot and Ming are exceptionally good, but they can be traced to Huaishu.

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