Piabucus dentatus Big-toothed Cili carp (Fig. 1)...

  • Piabucus dentatus/Big-toothed Cili carp (Fig. 1)
    Originated in the Amazon Valley of South America, the adult can reach 15-17 cm of large lamp fish. The aquarium market is known as "black-lipped dragonfly lamp/moonlight dragonfly lamp" and "black-lipped fluorescent raging tooth lamp". Although Taiwanese friends call it "raging tooth", this guy's teeth are not violent, his temperament is quite mild, and the cherry mouthpiece with a small beard can only catch floating insects and insects in the water. Machine debris and the ferocious teeth of Cynodontidae can't be compared.
    Living in shallow streams in the wild, the Big-toothed Cili carp likes to hover in the gentle flow of the current and wait for food to pass by. There are some charms in its hands and feet, such as Macrochirichthys macrochirius (Fig. 2) in the Lancang River of Asia. It has a slender body and black spots on its pectoral fin, abdominal ridge and tail stalk, and its body color and swimming are similar to those of Macrochirichthys macrochirius (Fig. 2). Moving posture is very similar, but the head is quite different. The head looks like Eugene catfish/Ompok eugeneiatus (fig. 3, watermarking is the source of the picture), which is amazing.Native fish

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