Listen to one who was in Singapore at the party yesterday.

  • Yesterday at the meeting, I heard a young partner who had studied in Singapore talking about Singapore's education. He shook his head and said that Singapore was really very different -- "It is clear that the economy is so developed and the society is very civilized, but have you heard of anyone who can really have an impact on innovation? Or are they internationally influential in culture and art?

    To tell you the truth, I'm a little lonely. Besides Sun Yanzi and Lin Junjie, I really can't say a weighty name right away. These two people are actually from Taiwan's record industry.

    In his view, Singapore's society as a whole is pragmatism-oriented, and even if the gap between rich and poor at the economic level is not as obvious as in other countries (of course there are), the social reputation level is still very prominent and more solidified.
    In Singapore, the fourth grade of children's primary school will be diverted, basically at that time, it basically decided what a person will do after all, what profession to study, what kind of work to engage in - a doctor and lawyer with high social reputation, or a technician with low reputation?
    But you think, what can be seen in the fourth grade, which decides the so-called "intelligence" of a child, is mostly the education, training and expenditure of a family. Naturally, the input of "high-level" early education will naturally "win the starting line", and these children will naturally follow their father's career and continue to enter the work of these high-level and even higher-level, so reciprocating.
    Moreover, this strict level of education will even strengthen the culture of pragmatism supremacy and hinder more creative pursuits. Singapore's higher education level is of course very high, but it is limited to some practical disciplines. Want to learn literature, philosophy, history? Excuse me. Find another place.

    I certainly don't want to come to the conclusion that what will happen to the developed Chinese-dominated society? After all, besides culture, the economic, political and even international situation will have a significant impact on the social structure arrangement. However, it is worth thinking about what education is for and whether some of the things we pursue will develop in the opposite direction.

    I don't know Singapore very well. I would like to welcome your comments (or comments to the contrary) from our partners in Lion City.

    (Bar Jing, who doesn't even know where Singapore is, goes out and turns left to watch Sand Sculpture Weibo. Thank you.)

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