Sweet and sour dragon fish Take a bite.

  • [Sweet and Vinegar Longli]

    Take a bite, full of happiness, let you fall in love with eating~

    Ingredients: Longli, 1 egg, 1 flour, starch, salt water, edible oil, tomato paste, sugar, white vinegar, white sesame, pepper powder

    1. pickled fish. Cut the fish finger in strips, add salt, pepper and one egg white, marinate for 10 minutes.

    2. Blend. Flour 50g, starch 100g, protein 1 + salt + water mixed into paste

    3. fried fish. Use medium and small fires to slow-fry the whole process, then re-fry until golden yellow is salvaged.

    4. Keep the oil temperature at 6% heat and fry in the pan. When frying fish, one by one should be slowly put in order to prevent adhesion. Frying into light yellow and frying again for about 30 seconds will do.

    5. Sauce. 20 g tomato sauce, 15 g Sugar and 20 g vinegar. Mix well.

    6. Pour the sweet and sour juice into the pot, boil it, add water and starch, stick it, add fish sticks and stir it up.

    7. Sprinkle white sesame on a plate, and you can eat it.

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