Today is still the introduction of the original Longyun ( Longyun )( Longyun )( Longyun )( Longyun )( Longyun )( Longyun )( Longyun )

  • Today I am still introducing the fish brought to me by Longyun's native gold
    —— Mystus pulcher
    The name pulcher means beautiful, so it's called Meiji (???) It is found in freshwater waters of Asia, Myanmar and Thailand. It inhabits many clear streams with flowing water. Its adult length is only 5-7cm. It belongs to the genus Silurus. Like most catfish, this species has no distinct sexual dimorphism, but according to the mastoid process in front of the buttock fin, the photograph shows a male individual, but the female does not have the protuberance.
    Despite its small size and temper, Meiji has a strong territorial consciousness, and is fierce and persistent in pursuit. Interestingly, they only have the desire to attack the fish of the family Cyprinidae. In fact, only the catfish of the family Cyprinidae and the family Cyprinidae are found in the temporary tank at present. They have no desire to attack the fish of the family Cyprinidae, and even swim together in groups. But if you meet M. leucophasis and Hemibagrus sp. of the family Cyprinidae in the jar, you will fight hard, and you will never stop pushing each other to the end.
    Native fish

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