Wei Yingdu Tour Luoyang Tomb Museum (13)...

  • # Reed Shadow Tour#Luoyang Tomb Museum (13)
    In 2015/2, a Jin Dynasty tomb was relocated and restored.
    The Tomb of Zou (Wang Fu) in Jiaozuo was excavated in 1974
    Twenty-five removal tombs were finished. At that time, only two hours were spent. The photographs were not carefully taken, and some of the key points of the tombs were not recorded. Target: Western Han 4, Xinmang 1, Eastern Han 5, Cao Wei 2, Western Jin 2, Northern Wei 2, Tang 2, Song 6, Jin 1.
    Some of the murals have been stripped and the tombs are either invisible or duplicated. In the mural hall, there is a systematic introduction to the murals of ancient Chinese tombs. Fifteen objects unearthed in Luoyang are on display in other provinces and cities.

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