Hundreds of kinds of fish have been photographed, and the most difficult one is still loach.

  • Hundreds of kinds of fish have been photographed. The most difficult ones are still nocturnal bottom fishes such as loach, catfish and electric eel. Most of these fishes are not active when they are in light. They hide in the cracks of stones. Their posture is frivolous and they even need to turn off the lights completely in order to get them out to move. But in weak light or even in dull environment, automatic focusing can be said to be completely ineffective. Without automatic focusing, we can only rely on manual focusing to make luck, and the scrap rate is greatly increased.
    In the video, I'm shooting a Mandarin squid. Although he's relatively insensitive to light, he's always moving behind the aquarium. He'll run across the aquarium at a very fast speed every five minutes, so he can only seize this opportunity to get ready for focusing, press the shutter in a moment, and then pick out the pictures with accurate focusing and good posture. At that time, I had been squatting in front of the fish tank for more than an hour. I only took four pictures. After deleting the bad dynamics, there were only two pictures left. It is estimated that only the person who took the pictures knows the hard work and joy of taking the fish. Visitors watch and cherish.Native fish Cheilinus'second shot video

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