Wei Yingdu You Yingang Academy (1)...

  • # Reed Shadow Tour#Yingang Academy (I)
    Located on the right of the South Gate of Tieling ancient city (now in Tieling city of Liaoning), the only ancient academy preserved in Northeast China. Founded in Shunzhi for fifteen years, the founder was Haoyu who lived in Tieling for offending King Wu Sangui of Pingxi. In the reign of Kangxi, Yin Tuyi, Fengtian Prefecture, wrote in The Monument of Rebuilding Yingang Academy: & quot; there are many academies to safeguard the world, but Songyang, Bailu, Yuelu and Shigu are the names. Dougaoge and Zhou Jianlong Corridor are surrounded by clouds! Gai Daqi people, so Daqi Academy.... ZTieling schist, that is, with the four academies and five Yan, Xi can not also. & quot; (2015/2/7)

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