Bronze Double-tailed Tiger Recently from Ji an, Jiangxi Province and North China.

  • The exhibition of "Wangjun Ji'an" cultural relics, sponsored by Jiangxi Ji'an and Beijing, was officially opened in Beijing Capital Museum recently. Of the 280 exhibits in this exhibition, the number of first-class items is more than half. The time span ranges from Shang Dynasty cultural relics to Jinggangshan revolutionary relics. From the historical period and humanistic point of view, a comprehensive description of Ji'an's past.
    Among them, bronzes from the tombs of Shang Dynasty in Xingan Oceania, Jiangxi Province are undoubtedly the highlights of the exhibition. The great discovery in 1989 unearthed more than 480 pieces of single bronze ware, which was the largest discovery of Shang bronze ware in Jiangnan area at that time, regardless of its size, decoration and casting technology. It overturned the view that Shang culture was not the Yangtze River that many northern scholars had insisted for many years. At that time, I had the privilege to participate in the restoration and cleaning of some cultural relics excavated in this archaeological work, and deeply felt the mysterious charm of southern bronzes.[奥特曼]

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