The scarred Grampus griseus...

  • The scarred Grampus griseus[doge]
    Risso's dolphin (also known as gray dolphin) is a medium-sized dolphin with a body length of more than 3 meters and a body weight of 300-500 kg. Instead of a slender snout, the dolphin has a rounded head, which looks a little like a pilot whale and a pseudo-killer whale. Unlike common bottlenose dolphins, real dolphins and other dolphins that fish, the Richter dolphin diet includes almost all cephalopods, and its predation is similar to that of sperm whales, so most of their teeth have degenerated and disappeared, leaving only sharp teeth at the front of their snout for fighting with similar species. Outwardly, the Reed dolphins have a distinct recognition feature that they are usually covered with scars - not caused by human ship propellers or marine predators, but by teeth scratched by other Reed dolphins in intraspecific fights. Some older Richter dolphins, even their entire body surface, are covered with scars and look very "social".[doge]

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