Dragon-shaped jaundice in the late Shang Dynasty was 19.

  • Dragon-shaped jaundice in late Shang Dynasty
    19 cm tall, 43 cm wide and 13.4 cm long
    Unearthed in 1959 from Taohuazhe Village, Shilou County, Shanxi Province
    Collected in Shanxi Museum
    The Third Batch of Cultural Relics Prohibited from Exit

    The late Shang Dynasty "Fang Guo" bronze culture representative works, wine vessels. The whole body is in the shape of a dragon. Long belly arc drum, truncated back, back arc-shaped long cover, with transverse tenon and abdomen buckle. The front end is the head of the dragon, with teeth raised, eyes open, teeth grinning. There is a mushroom button in the center of the cover. Two pairs of piercing ears are attached to the edge of the body for lifting the dragon-shaped carbuncle and heating the wine. The other end is not sealed to disperse water vapor. Cover decorative dragon pattern connects with front dragon head, lining scroll pattern. The ventral sides are set off by eddy and moire patterns. The main patterns are tu_and ku_dragon patterns, and the head direction is opposite to that of the Dragon head. The relative dragon pattern of the circle foot ornament. It is very rare in bronze wares. It is called crocodile.

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