Ancient relics Bo Runggu of the Western Zhou Dynasty.

  • [Ancient Relics] Bo Ruanggu of the Western Zhou Dynasty
    Pass 33 caliber 22.9 cm
    Tomb No. 251 of Liulihe, Fangshan District, Beijing, 1974
    Collected in the Capital Museum
    The Third Batch of Cultural Relics Prohibited from Exit

    A flat cover with a button consisting of two opposite cubic calf heads is placed in the center of the cover. The cover is decorated with relief calf heads and the horn ends are raised. Oral fold, square lip, erect ear, neck, pocket foot. The neck is decorated with six short ribs, the ribs between the ribs are decorated with grain, the bags and feet are decorated with bull's head pattern, the horns of the horns are raised, higher than the watch.

    The same inscription was cast on the inner wall of the cover and neck. There were 4 lines and 15 words on the inner wall of the cover and 5 lines and 15 words on the inner wall of the neck.
    On the fifth day, Mao Hou bestowed Bo Moubei as his father, Wu Zunyi.

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