Antiquities In the early Warring States Period, Zeng Hou Yi Zun Pan Zun Tonggao 33.1.

  • [Antiquities] Early Warring States Period Zeng Hou Yi Zunpan
    Zuntonggao 33.1 caliber 25 weight about 9 kg
    Pantong Height 24 Caliber 57.6 Weights about 19.2 kg
    Full set of pass height 42 caliber 58 cm weight about 30 kg
    1978 unearthed from the tomb of Zeng Hou Yi in Wugudun, Suizhou, Hubei
    Collected in the Museum of Hubei Province
    The First Batch of Cultural Relics Prohibited from Exit

    A dense phobia! The bronze statue is made of 34 parts, which are connected by casting and welding in 56 places. The statue is decorated with 28 dragons and 32 stings. The inscription of "Zeng Hou Yi as the end of service" is inscribed on the neck. A total of 56 dragons and 48 stings were decorated on the copper plate. Inside the plate, the inscription "Zeng Hou Yi as the end of use" was inscribed on the bottom.

    It is generally believed that the wax-loss casting method is adopted because of the fine and complex decoration and no forging and casting marks attached to the decoration. Wax loss method is also called wax extraction method. The basic method is to make wax into a mold. After forming, the wax is repeatedly poured with fine mud. After the wax mold is covered by mud, the wax is then coated with refractory material and baked in fire to form a casting mould. The wax melts out to form a cavity, which can cast the copper juice generator.

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