The Western Zhou Dynasty Twin Seasons White ... _____________

  • The Bronze Plate of "Twin Seasons White" in the Western Zhou Dynasty
    137.2 cm long, 86.5 cm wide, 39.5 cm high and 215.3 kg heavy
    Excavated from Kuanchuansi, Baoji, Shaanxi Province during the Qingdaoguang Period
    Collected in the National Museum of China
    The First Batch of Cultural Relics Prohibited from Exit

    The vessel is rectangular, straight mouth, square lip, abdominal wall inclined down and adduction, micro drum, with a pair of animal head ring ears on each wall and four feet rectangular. It is the largest water vessel seen in Shang and Zhou Dynasties at present. The lower edge of the mouth is decorated with poor curves and the abdomen is decorated with rings.

    The inscription contains 111 words in eight lines, describing the warfare between Kuang Ji-zi and Badger in the north of Luoshui. He chopped off 500 enemy heads, captured 50 people, offered bait after the war. King Xuan of Zhou banqueted Ji-zi-bai and awarded chariots, horses, bows and arrows, axes and axes to encourage him.

    The device was unearthed in Kuanchuansi (now Chencang District, Baoji City), Shaanxi Province, during the Daoguang Period. It was acquired by Xu Xie, then the county magistrate of Meixian County, and was brought back to Changzhou when Xu left office and returned home. In the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom period, Chen Kunshu, the guardian king, acquired the disc while he was guarding Changzhou. During the three years of Tongzhi, General Liu Mingchuan of Huaijun attacked Changzhou and settled in the palace of the king of Nu. He found that the plate was used as a manger. Liu Jing inspected the treasure and ordered people to escort it back to Hefei's hometown. In the following decades, warlords, Japanese aggressors and officials took over one after another. The descendants of the Liu family had to bury their dishes in the deep earth and escape from their families. After the founding of New China, Liu Mingchuan's fourth generation Sun Liu Suzeng dug up the dish and dedicated it to the country.

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