The wall pan of the Western Zhou Dynasty is also known as ____________

  • [Antiquities] Wall Pan of the Western Zhou Dynasty
    Also known as History Wall Pan
    Pass height 16.2 caliber 47.3 deep 8 cm
    Famen Commune, Fufeng County, Baoji City, 1976
    Collection in Baoji Bronze Museum?
    The First Batch of Cultural Relics Prohibited from Exit

    The wallboard was cast in the reign of the Communist King of the Western Zhou Dynasty. It was made by a man named Wallboard in the Weishi family of the Western Zhou Dynasty in memory of his ancestors. The belly is surrounded by two ears, the belly and the foot are decorated with phoenix pattern and animal curl pattern respectively. The foot is filled with thunder pattern, and the foot is folded. The Phoenix bird has a long and gorgeous crown and its tail is two to three times longer than the bird's body. The extension part is separated from the bird's body.

    The bottom of the plate was inscribed with 18 lines and 284 words. The former part praises the achievements of the seven dynasties of Zhou King in the West Zhou Dynasty, including Wen, Wu, Cheng, Kang, Zhao, Mu and Gong. The latter part describes the six generations of Gao Zu, Li Zu, Yi Zu, Ya Zu, Wenkao and the author himself. Among them, the achievements of King Zhou are basically consistent with the contents of Historical Records of Zhou Benji.

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