Collected a pseudo-alien fish from the Congo River.

  • Collected a false "heterotype" fish from the Congo River
    —— Euchilichthys guentheri/Gong's genuine lip-sucking gill
    Gong's genuine lip-sucking squid (Fig. 1-3) is distributed in the Congo River basin of Africa. Its adult length is about 18-20 cm (Fig. 2-3). It belongs to the same family as the famous inverted hamster (Fig. 8). It is a rare fish of the family Catfish in China. So although the individual is very small and the price is small, I decisively took three.
    Although classified as the Backward Catfish Family, the fish of this genus not only swim upside down like some of the fishes of the genus Babylonia, but specialize in a sucker-shaped snout (Fig. 4-5) to adapt to the flowing water environment, adsorbing to the rocks on weekdays to resist the flow and scrape algae. This evolutionary result is very similar to that of the "heterotypic fish" in South America. In the Family Catfish, the snout is specialized into a sucker-shaped genus, the two genera are similar in appearance, but the snout of the snout is narrower and the head seems to have a smaller proportion in the whole body (Fig. 7).
    For the convenience of eating algae on rocks, the inner wall of the snout specializes dense small teeth (Fig. 5), which is similar to Synodontis brichardi/Brinell's bifurcation (Fig. 9). Because they both inhabit strong flowing waters and have similar feeding habits, the evolution of the snout is also similar.
    Normally, the body of Gong's genuine lip sucker is black and the abdomen is white, but under stress, the body color will turn yellow (Fig. 6). It's interesting to hide in the color of sand and rock to protect oneself.
    In a word, Gong's genuine lip-sucking gill is indeed a very special kind of fish. It is a good collection and worth the price of fish.

    Fig. 1-3: Gong's true sucker
    Figure 2-3: Adult Gong's genuine sucker
    Figure 4-5: Close-up of abdomen and kiss
    Figure 6: Genuine sucking-lip gill of Gong's under stress, body color turned yellow
    Figure 7: Chiloglanis asymetricaudalis/Heterothorax
    Figure 8: Synodontis nigriventris
    Figure 9: Synodontis brichardi/Brinell's bifurcation
    (Video of algae eating:Web links)
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