Jingyun Copper Bell in Tang Dynasty is 247 high.

  • Jingyun Copper Bell in Tang Dynasty
    High 247 abdominal circumference 486 caliber 165 cm weight 6 tons
    Collection in Xi'an Stele Forest Museum
    The first batch of cultural relics banned from exhibition abroad

    Tang Ruizhong's bronze bell, originally named Jinglong Guanzhong, was cast by Jinglong Guanzhong in the second year of Tang Ruizhong's reign. During the Kaiyuan period, the view of Jinglong was changed to the view of Yingxiang, which is also called "Yingxiang Guanzhong". Later it was hung in the Bell Tower of Xi'an. Today it is called "Jingyun Copper Bell" or "Jingyun Bell".

    Twenty-six moulds were cast with copper-tin alloy in five stages. The bell shape is sharp and luxurious, and the mouth is a hexagonal arc. The bell body has adjustable rhythm & quot; Pulao & quot; thirty-two bell milk. There are decorations around the bell body, which are divided into three layers from top to bottom. Each layer is divided into six and eighteen layers with vine and grass ribbons. Gerner has the patterns of flying sky, flying crane, walking lion, Tenglong, Suzaku and one-horned one-legged ox, each with auspicious clouds in its four corners.

    There is a parallelogram inscription on the front of the bell body, totaling 292 words. Written by Li Dan of Tang Ruizhong, the content is to propagate Taoist doctrine, elaborate the origin of Jinglong View and the process of making bells.

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