Antiquities In the Western Zhou Dynasty, the emperor of Jin Dynasty was 52.

  • [Antiquities] Hou Suzhong in the Western Zhou Dynasty
    The elder is 52 centimeters tall and the lesser 22 centimeters tall.
    No.8 Tomb unearthed from Jinhou Cemetery, Beizhao Village, Quwo County, Shanxi Province
    Fourteen pieces in Shanghai Museum Collection
    Shanxi Museum Collection of Two
    The first batch of cultural relics banned from exhibition abroad

    There are sixteen sets of clocks, all of which are jingzhong. Fourteen of them were smuggled out of the country by stolen tombs and then collected by the Shanghai Museum. The other two pieces were discovered in 1992 when the archaeological excavation of Tomb 8 of Jinhou Cemetery was carried out. One was 25.9 centimeters high and the other 22.3 centimeters high.

    The complete set can be divided into two groups, each group of eight pieces. The first group is big bells with shallow and thin decoration, and the second group is medium and small bells with deep and wide decoration. Some scholars believe that they are not cast at the same time.

    The inscription on the bell is chiseled with sharp tools. The turning point of the brush is chiseled with four or five knives or five or six knives, so that the brushwork can be connected. The knife marks are very obvious up to now. There are 355 inscriptions inscribed on the sixteen clocks, which record the thirty-three years of King Li of the Western Zhou Dynasty. King Hou Su of Jin led the army to participate in the war against Eastern Yi under the personal command of King Zhou Li. The bell was rewarded for many wars, so it was made to commemorate it.

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