The bell rack length of Zeng Houyi bell is 748 in the early Warring States Period.

  • [Antiquities] Bells of Zeng Houyi in the Early Warring States Period
    The bell rack is 748 cm long and 265 cm high.
    The Tomb of Zeng Houyi in Suixian County, Hubei Province, 1978
    Collected in the Museum of Hubei Province
    The first batch of cultural relics banned from exhibition abroad

    The complete set of 65 bells, in order of size and pitch, are hung in eight groups of three layers on a copper-wood structure bell rack with a curved ruler.

    Nineteen of the top three groups are button bells, which are small in shape, square buttons and seal inscriptions. However, the inscriptions are cylindrical, with fewer cylindrical characters, and only the phonetic names are marked.

    There are 45 bells in five groups of middle and lower layers, with long handle and relief-like cockroach pattern all over the bell body.

    Plus a card clock from King Hui of Chu. It is 92.5 cm in height and 60.5 x 46.2 cm in diameter and 134.8 kg in weight. There are 31 inscriptions in the section between the holes, which record that Xiong Zhang, king of Chu Hui, made Zongyi for Zeng Houyi. Its age is clear, which is an important proof of the dating of the tomb of Zeng Houyi. At the earliest time, there was King Hui of Chu in 56 years (433 BC).

    Inscription: King Yong's fifty and six sacrifices were returned to Xiyang. King Yong Zhang of Chu, Emperor Zeng Hou Yi, was founded in Xiyang and enjoyed forever.

    Each clock can play a triple scale of double tones, complete set of twelve half tones complete, can rotate Palace tuning. Sound column is the current C major, can play five, six or seven scale music. The unearthing of the bells of Zeng Houyi has rewritten the history of world music.

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