Top-grade Highway Performance of Pure Track Gene

  • Top-grade Highway Performance of Pure Track Gene

    The first high-performance highway car, the Lockheed 03 Cyan concept car, co-operated by Lockheed and Cyan Racing (formerly known as Polestar), completed vehicle testing overseas. After a long winter in Sweden, Cyan Racing traveled to Spain with the 528-horsepower Lock 03 Cyan concept car and completed a full test of the car on the Spanish highway.

    "This concept car is based on Link technology and is also the first car on Link's high-performance highway vehicle development platform," said Henrik Fries, head of Cyan Racing's automotive research and development department. "We have worked with Volvo and Pelestar on car racing projects, and have done similar research and development work on Volvo S60 and V60 Polestar. Now, we will build a top-class road car based on the Ryker 03 TCR racing car which will be going to the World Championship of Trucks (WTCR). This is also a crucial step in our future research and development project, and we look forward to it.

    The Lek 03 Cyan concept car introduces the technology of the Lek 03 TCR racing car, which will compete in the World RV Cup in 2019, which fully explains Cyan Racing's unique understanding of road racing. "Although this concept car design may be a little radical, but we know that to explore the real characteristics of the car, we must boldly pursue the limits, which is exactly what we are building this car to implement the concept." Cyan Racing racing driver Thed Bjrk said, "We will try our best to find the best balance between excellent control and driving safety. This is also the basic idea that we are adhering to in the development of racing cars. I love this concept car as much as I love my racing car.

    The Lockheed 03 Cyan concept car is equipped with a Lockheed 2.0TD turbocharged engine. After being calibrated by the team responsible for the development of the Cyan Racing engine, the maximum power is 528 horsepower. The 1.6-liter Volvo engine, which won the 2017 World Championship of RV, and the award-winning V8 engine in the Cyan Racing Australian V8 Super RV Championship, were the pride of the Cyan Racing Engine Development Team.

    Mattias Evensson, head of engine development at Cyan Racing, said: "Racing cars are not significantly different from the goals pursued by high-performance highway vehicle engine development projects. We not only pursue surging momentum, but also take into account the high level of driving performance. Although the engine power output of the Lyck 03 Cyan concept car is relatively small compared with the Volvo V8 engine, it is designed to achieve the dual objectives of full power and low speed responsiveness.

    In the next development plan, the Lek 03 Cyan concept car will join the Lek team to start the season warm-up test on the world's most legendary track. Coming soon.

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