Great news In order to effectively implement tax reduction and fee reduction .

  • Great news: In order to implement the call of "tax reduction and fee reduction" and "for the benefit of the people", Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales Service Co., Ltd. announced an early reduction of the recommended retail price of all Mercedes-Benz and Smrt models in mainland China, which will take effect on March 16 to benefit consumers in the first time. No need to wait, Mercedes-Benz immediately. After adjusting the retail price, the maximum reduction of Mercedes-AMG model is 64,000 yuan, the maximum reduction of Mercedes-Maybach model is 60,000 yuan, Mercedes-Benz model is 40,000 yuan, and smart model is 7,000 yuan (refer to the official website and According to relevant national regulations, the terminal retail prices of Mercedes-Benz and smart products are set by authorized distributors.

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