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    About 170,000 pieces (sets) of collections are introduced on the official website.
    The following nine lists come from & quot; the treasure of town courtyard & quot; column

    Neolithic Jiahu Bone Flute
    23.6 cm long
    M282 Tomb at Jiahu Site, Wuyang, 1987

    Duling Fangding in the Early Shang Dynasty
    Tonggao 87 mouths, 61 cm in length and width, weigh about 64.25 kg
    Unearthed in Zhengzhou Zhangzhai South Street in 1974

    Xiyi o zun, a good woman in the late Shang Dynasty
    Tonggao 46.3 cm and weighs 16 kg
    In 1976, two pieces unearthed from Fuhao Tomb in the southwest of Xiaotun Palace and Temple Site in Yinxu, Anyang, were allocated to Guobo and one was allocated to Guobo.

    Iron Sword with Jade Handle in Late Western Zhou Dynasty
    The longest stem diameter of 34.2 Jade Sword is 1.8 cm.
    1990 Kuangguo Cemetery M2001, Sanmenxia City (Kuangji Tomb)

    Catalogue of Exhibitions Prohibited in Spring and Autumn
    The pass height is 117 cm.
    1923 Zheng Gong Cemetery, Li Jialou, Xinzheng
    Two pieces unearthed at the Palace Museum

    Spring and Autumn Period
    131 cm in length and 94.2 kg in weight
    1978 Chu Tomb in Xichuan Xisi, Henan Province

    Early Western Han Dynasty Sishen Yunqi Picture Frescoes
    5.14 m long and 3.27 m wide
    1987 Han Tomb of Mangshan Mountain Persimmon in Yongcheng, Shangqiu, Henan Province

    Wu Zetian Jinjian in Tang Dynasty
    It is 36.2 cm long, 8 cm wide and about 0.1 cm thick. It weighs 223.5 grams.
    1982 Stone Crevice on the North Side of the Junji Peak of Songshan Mountain in Dengfeng, Henan Province

    Gooseneck Bottle with Sky Blue Glaze in Ruguan Kiln of Northern Song Dynasty
    High 19.5 caliber 5.6 base diameter 8.2 cm
    Ruguan Kiln Site in Qingliangsi Village, Baofeng, Henan Province, 1987

    * * *
    Another item is listed in the list of prohibited exit exhibitions.

    Long-necked Bottle with White Glaze and Green Colors in Northern Qi Dynasty
    1971 unearthed from Fan Queen Tomb of North Qi Dynasty in Anyang City, Henan Province

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