The earliest chandelier in China

  • # Walking Zhaoping#[The earliest chandelier in China] Almost all the ancient lamps and lanterns found before the Han and Wei Dynasties are seat lamps or street lamps, only two of which are chandeliers. One is the "human-shaped copper chandelier" (fig. 1) collected by Hunan Museum, and the other is the "copper chandelier" (fig. 2-6) unearthed from the ancient tombs of the Eastern Han Dynasty in Beitou Town, Zhaoping, Guangxi.
    These two chandeliers have attracted the attention of archaeologists with their unique shapes and become the model works in the history of Chinese lamps and lanterns. Although the two chandeliers kneel and bend down, they belong to foreigners from the characters'nose, eyes, ears, curly hair and face shape. The gesture of holding a cane is also the image of slaves. Some scholars believe that the features of curly hair lantern slaves may be related to the introduction of "Kunlun slaves" in the Han Dynasty, and also reflect the exchanges between Southwest China and Southeast Asia.[奥特曼]

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