Museum Old Ming Dynasty costumes in Confucian Palace, Shandong Museum.

  • [Museum] @Shandong Museum Collection. (Low Definition Residue Chart[允悲])
    (2) The red phoenix dress of the Ming Dynasty is 147 in length, 41 in waist width, 201 in sleeve length and 41 in sleeve width.
    Round collar, large right jacket, wide sleeve closure, short front and long back hem, front chest and back each decorated with a colourful embroidered Flowing Clouds and Phoenix patch.
    Ming crab silk gown, 122 body length, waist width 62.5, 197 sleeve length, 48.7 cm sleeve width.
    Collars, flaps, sleeves, both sides open to the armpit. The collar, placket, sleeve ends and jacket, pendulum inlaid margin weave broadside of gold satin, the placket, front and back of each embroidered at the intersection of a seal "Shou" character.

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