Citrus candy Although its name is sugar ...

  • [Citrus candy] Although its name is "sugar", it is actually a kind of jelly. Lao Song is an old fruit shop in Beijing with a history of over 100 years. In ancient times, it specializes in making desserts for the royal family to enjoy. The most famous one is summer citrus, which is only supplied from April to early September. Its popularity is very high. Summer citrus sugar is a very laborious dessert. Remove the pulp of the summer canga with the local sugar and natural gel, then add it to the citrus container, and then freeze it and solidify it into jelly, which is cool, smooth and slightly bitter. Artificial skills and natural materials are natural, which can be said to be the essential characteristics of traditional Japanese food technology.[奥特曼] Japan, Kyoto (Kyoto)

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