• Big fish and beautiful pictureOdontaspis noronhai
    One of the most rare species of the family Conodontidae, with a maximum body size of 3.67m, is widely distributed in deep waters with a global depth of 60-1000 meters. It is often found in the outer edge of the continental shelf. It may have vertical migration behavior. Its huge eyes can be used to search for potential prey in dark environments. Dark Brown body color may be a protective color. It mainly consists of bony fish and cephalopods. Analogy is a food species and may be an egg-embryo species. At present, little is known about it.
    IUCN currently evaluates the species as DD. Macroconodont sharks mainly inhabit deep waters and occasionally become the products of longline fishing, Purse Seine and trawl. At present, we do not know the status of its population, but its population may be affected by overfishing.

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