Today we are going to introduce you to a kind of simple state.

  • Today we're going to introduce you to Pteroglossus bailloni, a naive bird.
    Orange-yellow toucans, also known as orange-yellow mountain parrots, saffron toucans or saffron twins (tuk ng), have large mouths and colorful plumage. They usually move in pairs or in small groups, feeding mainly on fruits and occasionally on insects and birds'nestlings. Wild birds inhabit damp forests between 400 and 600 meters above sea level in subtropical regions, including the Atlantic forests of northeastern Argentina, southeastern Brazil and Eastern Paraguay. They are 35-40 centimeters long and have a long tail. The birds are undoubtedly extremely beautiful. They are orange in color, dark in back and tail, olive in color and long in tail. The buttocks and around the eyes are red. Their pupils are pale yellow. The beak is green and the basal part is red.
    The mating season of orange-billed birds is December-April. Males woo females by singing, collecting food and combing their feathers. The orange billbill nests in tree holes, laying 2-3 eggs per nest. The pair of newly parents hatched together for about 16 days. Artificially fed orange-billed birds live for 13 years.
    The Red List of the World Conservation Union is listed as Near Risk (NT)
    Source: iltaw
    Sprouting spring

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