On the picture, the body color is gorgeous, and the back of the chest is densely red.

  • The verrucous protuberant locusts with bright colors on the back of the chest are named Phymateus saxosus, Rainbow Milkweed Locust and Rainbow Bush Locust. As its name implies, the Madagascar toothed locust is a locust distributed in Madagascar. Its adult body is about 100 mm long and its surface is full of bright warning colors. It eats poisonous milkweed and stores the exogenous toxin in the body. When it is in danger, it opens its bright wings to threaten the enemy and sprays poisonous liquid from the thoracic joints to counter the predators.
    Sources: Featured Creation, GRID-Arendal, wikimedia, Pinterest, Nature Picture Library, Flickr, Pikony, Mongabay
    Sprouting spring

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