Diestrammena japonica

  • Diestrammena japonica
    This insect is known as the cooker horse.
    "Kitchen horse, like knitting, slightly larger, long feet, good points on the side of the kitchen. As the saying goes, there is a horse in the kitchen, and it is a sign of sufficient food." Because it is hidden in the stove, so the name.
    This insect chirps all the year round. Its chirp is "chirp". It keeps on chirping in the daytime when the temperature is suitable. At night, it chirps almost continuously. If several of them are chirping nearby at the same time, the chirp sounds are very lively.
    Qing Wang Jiaben's Bieya Preface: "Spider and filarial traces, saliva leaks from the house, neither leave nor leave, intentionally or unintentionally, how wonderful is it?"
    Among them, the "worm" in the "spider filarial trail" refers to the "beetle (kitchen horse)".
    With the gradual withdrawal of the kitchen table from people's vision, the kitchen horse gradually faded out of people's sight.
    Map source flickr.com
    Sprouting spring

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