Today we are going to introduce a class of insect pests that we are very familiar with.

  • Today we are going to introduce a very familiar class of insect pests, Locusta migratoria manilensis, belonging to the Orthoptera grasshopper family, is a subspecies of locusts.
    Mainly harmful to maize, sorghum, millet, reed and other gramineous crops, with adults, nymphs bite plant leaves and stems, will eat plants into bare rods, so when locust disaster occurs, locust swarms will not grow anywhere, will bring devastating disasters to local agriculture.
    The nymph of a locust is called a locust bug. It needs molting five times after hatching from its eggs before it becomes an adult. Adults have large heads and vertical faces. Antennae filiform, pale yellow. It has 1 pair of compound eyes and 3 single eyes, chewing mouthparts. There is a pair of feet on the front chest, middle chest and posterior thoracic ventral surface. There are 1 pair of wings on the middle chest and the back of the back chest. The saddle-shaped anterior thoracic dorsal plate has obvious mid-uplift line, dark longitudinal stripes on both sides, social stripes are obvious, scattered and intermediate stripes are not obvious or disappear; from the side, the edge of the scattered mid-uplift line is curved, and the social stripes are more straight or concave.
    The suitable environment for this kind of locust is low-lying, waterlogged and drought-prone, or the river reservoir, lake beach or coastal saline-alkali wasteland with uncertain water level. Large area of barren beach or intercalated wasteland with extensive cultivation is the most suitable for locust spawning. Aggregation, diffusion and migration are the behavioral characteristics of migratory locusts in East Asia.
    Although these tiny insects are extremely harmful, they are not totally useless to us. Their high protein content makes them a delicacy on the table. On the other hand, they can also be used as protein feed to feed fish.
    Map Source: China HowNet
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