Chinese tree crickets (Oecanthus sinensis)

  • Chinese tree crickets (Oecanthus sinensis), also known as bamboo flies and Handan, are small and fresh crickets. They are endemic to China and are widely distributed in the north and south of China. They look delicate but have amazing energy. Their calls are loud and loud. As the temperature decreases, their frequency of calls decreases, but they have more charm. Their calls are: Du, Du, Du... can call for tens of minutes without stopping. Clocks can last hours. Like other crickets, tree crickets are either male or female. Its body looks like a pipa, some dressed in green yarn, very beautiful. Tree crickets are arboreal songworms. They like to move in trees or grasses. They don't dig in the ground. They lay eggs in rotten wood or bark, and nymphs move around their birthplace after hatching. Crickets are incompletely metamorphic insects, and nymphs and adults grow similarly.
    Source: Acfun
    Sprouting spring

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