Anthropoides virgo.

  • Anthropoides Virgo
    Because of its elegant and dignified manners, it is also known as the "boudoir crane".
    Tunisia and Algeria (almost extinct) in North Africa, southeastern part of the Western Palaearctic to Central Asia and China. Medium-sized wading birds are the smallest of cranes. Male cranes are blue-gray with dark gray-black heads. They have white filamentous feathers extending backwards from the eyes and almost meet behind the upper neck. The neck is black. The feathers under the front neck are long and lanceolate and droop to the chest. Small wing feathers, large cover feathers and black wing feathers. The overlying feathers are extremely prolonged like flying feathers. Olive at the base of beak, orange at the end, black in legs and feet, similar to male and female. It inhabits swamps, meadows and reed ponds at an altitude of 5000 meters. It feeds on aquatic plants and insects. It also eats fish, tadpoles and shrimps. Sexually shy, not good at associating with other cranes, often alone. Flying in the form of & quot; V & quot; word formation, neck straightening. Propagate in March-June, lay eggs directly on bare, dry reed grass surrounded by rare vegetable instead of nesting. It is the second class protected animal of our country.
    Map Source:, Wikipedia
    Sprouting spring

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