Museum Civilian Supplement of Qing Dynasty

  • [Museum] Civilian Supplement of Qing Dynasty. Confucius Museum Collection.
    According to the Ming Dynasty Code, Hongwu 24 years (1391), Hongwu 24 years (Ming Hui Code), Hongwu 24 years (1391) stipulated that the complement pattern: Gong, Hou, Kuma, Bo: Kylin, Baize; civilian officials embroidered birds to show civilization: one-pin crane, two-grade brocade chick, three-pinpin peacocococks, four-pin Yunyan, five-pin white bird, six-pin egegret qua, six-grade egret quail, seven-pin, eight yellow quail, nine-pin quaquail; military officials embroidered birds, martial officials embroidered animals to demonstrate civilization: one-pin crane, two-pin, two-pin brobrocade birds embroidered First, second and third Lions Pin, Four Pin Tiger Leopard, Five Pin Bear Biao, Six Pin, Seven Pin Biao, Eight Pin Rhinoceros, Nine Pin Hippocampus; Miscellaneous Job: Queen Training; Constitutional Officer: Biao.
    In the Qing Dynasty, the prince's tonic used Tuanlong; Wenyipin official tonic used cranes; Wenyipin official tonic used Jinji; Wensanpin official tonic used peacocks; Wensipin official tonic used cloudy geese; Wenwupin official tonic used white birds; Wenliu official tonic used egrets; Wenqipin official tonic used quail; Wenqipin official tonic used sparrows; Wuyipin official tonic used Qipin quail; Wenjiupin official tonic used sparrow; Leopard, tiger, bear, rhinoceros, hippocampus and hippocampus. In addition, the imperial history, the inspectors and the reference envoys were all used in an obscene manner.
    Compared with Ming Bu, the Qing Dynasty's Bu Zi is small and simple, with a pair of front and back, but the front is opposite and the back is whole. (360 Encyclopedia)
    _is a complement of the Qing Dynasty on the last exhibition of "Dayu Huayi - Ming and Qing Dynasty Clothing Special Exhibition" in Shandong Museum, which was used to collect the nine palaces.

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