International Museum Day

  • Another year# International Museum Day#This time, your teacher Li finally took you to the museum in personReading and reading

    This year I finally came to the United States and visited the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington. And the name of this amazing exhibition is called Objects of Wonder. It tells us why museums exist; what countless exhibits can do besides being displayed for people to appreciate; and how various exhibits together can inspire science, humanities and human society.

    Never has an exhibition been so emotional. Here I see Martha, the last pigeon, lamenting the ruthlessness of mankind and the feeling of "Fortunately, we still have museums". There are "colorful" blue, legs of descendants of dinosaurs, and bird eggs (mistake) that look like Maccha chocolate, feeling the diversity of the world, and how people understand beauty, function and value.
    There are many other objects that show the process of scientists in different fields working together to solve human puzzles. What can a spear tip in a whale bone tell us? What about mammoth hair and teeth? What exactly do pink corals do?

    Let's take a look at my vlog.[爱你]The first time you did the vlog, @ the shell video teacher gave a lot of help, but there are still a variety of minor problems. Please don't mind (aka Tucao tenderness).
    Next, there are various plans for shooting. I want to show you more museums and understand the time and space condensed on these items. Welcome to provide photographic ideasMicroblog Video of Li Zi's Short Message

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