Why has Pikachu always been the main character?

  • Detective Pikachu[stars] [stars] [stars] [stars] [stars] [half stars],# Film Detective Piccaccio#[Why has Pikachu always been the hero? 】 There are hundreds of lovely treasure dreams in The Dream of the Elf, but the protagonist has always been Pikachu. What is the intention of this arrangement?
    Players who have played the original "Dream of the Elf" released in 1996 should know that the protagonist can only choose one of the three "Royal Dreams" as a partner at first. The original "Royal Dreams" are: Little Fire Dragon, Jennifer Turtle and Miao Frog Seeds. At that time, Pikachu was just a cute ordinary elf with a number of 25. However, the balance between the three imperial families exists in the nature of restraint. No matter which one is set as the protagonist, there will be controversy. Therefore, the three imperial families are doomed to pass by the position of the protagonist. Since the production team can not choose "Royal Sanjia" as the protagonist, it can only choose a relatively popular role from other Baoke Dreams to play the leading role.
    At the same time, after the release of the 1996 game Elf's Dream, sales were excellent, but some female players felt uncomfortable because the game had no female characters, and even protested to Nintendo. Many other female players said that GameBoy, the game platform of Elf's Dream, also emphasized the title of "Boy" without considering the feelings of female players. In order to alleviate the atmosphere, the production team asked that the main character of the animated version be a "treasure dream that can attract girls". At this time, Tang Shan Bangyan, the animation director of Elf Baoke Dream, once said that Pikachu was "strong and lovely" and was very popular with girls.
    So through market research, the production team found that Pikachu's popularity was unexpectedly high, so Pikachu jumped to the leading role of the animated version.
    The final viewing effect proved that the production team was right. By 2003, Pikachu had absorbed $800 million for Nintendo and GameFreak, becoming one of the world's most profitable dual roles.[奥特曼]

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