Zhengcangyuan Opening and Opening Three Exhibitions

  • [Zhengcangyuan Opening and Opening Three Exhibitions] Japan's official website officially released the special exhibition announcement of Tokyo National Museum's World of Zhengcangyuan on October 14-11.24. The special exhibition is divided into the early stage (10.14-11.4), the later stage (11.6-11.24), the most popular Tang Dynasty spiral-clad sandalwood five-string pipa, and precious Tang Dynasty cultural relics such as lacquer bottles and tang-inlaid concave octagonal mirrors, which have just been exhibited in previous years. 。
    Meanwhile, the annual special exhibition of Nara, Zhengcang Yard, No. 71 (10.26-11.14) will be opened at the National Museum of Nara as scheduled.
    With the opening of the three exhibitions in Zhengcangyuan, it seems that Japanese hotels will increase their prices again in October.[奥特曼]

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