Every photograph has a story.

  • Philip Stapleton, a 52-year-old British man, bought a painting entitled "Sitting Bath" at a flea market in West Sussex for 230 pounds, the Mirror reported. I didn't care after I bought it. I left it on the table for six months.
    But when he brought the painting to the auction house, experts said it was an authentic painting of Picasso, a Spanish artist who died in 1973 ($1 million).
    Brighton and Hough Auctioneer Experts said: "Signatures on paintings don't seem to be well written. But this is Picasso's work in the 1930s, a symbol of early paintings. On the back of the painting, it says,'Roland Penrose Manor, where Picasso's good friends live. Picasso stayed there for some time, and Penrose also planned his exhibition.[奥特曼]

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