Perform a series of soft-top launches for the all-new BMW M8...

  • Perform a group of soft top openings[好喜欢][好喜欢][好喜欢]
    New BMW M8 Convertible[舔屏][舔屏][舔屏]
    In recent years, the trend has been that hard roof cabinets have been abandoned and soft roofs have returned to full scale. Including the new Z4, as well as future modifications of Mercedes-Benz SL from hard to soft. On the one hand, the hard roof is too heavy and occupies the space of the reserve box.
    On the other hand, soft roof material and folding structure technology progress, strength, safety and sound insulation performance further improved, while soft roof visual more vintage and elegant, and easy to create a variety of different color matching.

    The car you can't get around in life

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