Today s Happy Guangdong Nanhai Creek Crab Nanhaipotamon...

  • Today's Joy
    Nanhaipotamon guangdongens
    Star Crab King takes me to see the world

    He's a tired veteran who's been here thousands of times.
    I'm a novice who only bought crabs but never caught them.
    Sporadic crab holes are scattered around the slow-flowing beach.
    After the rain and sun, the air humidity reached the highest value.
    The purpose of this time is to record more of a process.
    Don't pursue too many results

    The environment in Guangdong is really good.
    Shallow water sandstone delicate deciduous sunken wood crisscross
    Animal and plant recuperation
    Some holes are too deep to see the bottom, but there may be giants.
    Some crabs can't stand loneliness in broad daylight.
    Its legs can be seen through the hole.

    Harvest a male and a female crab because they are released in situ during the breeding season.
    Male crab I bring back to Chongqing to take a good picture

    Primitive fish

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