A new generation of Bentley Galloping released a new bid, CNN, headlights, taillights plus

  • A New Generation of Bentley Speeds[舔屏][舔屏][舔屏]
    New Standard-setting, Central Network, Headlamp, Taillight [Refuel] ____________
    Interior updates to a new Continental GT style, younger, more technological [refueling]
    The length of the car is increased to 5304 mm and the wheelbase is increased by 130 mm.[哆啦A梦吃惊]To 3195 mm
    6.0T W12 engine, 635 horsepower, 900 cow meters, 100 km acceleration 3.8 seconds[哆啦A梦吃惊][哆啦A梦吃惊][哆啦A梦吃惊]

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