Today's shopping has come to a successful end. Finally at @MagiM...

  • Today's shopping has come to a successful end. Finally, in the@ Magi Magic Dream Garden-Chongqing(Fig. 1-4) Buy the other side flower skirt (repo another day) and try the frog house.@ Westeros ArmoireAthens College. (Fig. 6) Thank you for your reception. It's so small, so cute.[笑cry]
    Fig. 5 is the look, ANP scrap gear worn out today. Not too many people were watching (hopefully), and several uniform/lo skirt girls were seen in the street. What's interesting is that I met three junior high school students in the first store (!). In the street visits of Lolita culture, middle school students are now learning sociology.
    Finally, I almost bought a lump of meat (no) and the last picture of Gu Mobo in Beijing. Although there are many skirts of natural elements today, there are no fossil elements.[二哈]Ancient life enthusiasts, you can refuel.

    Too many skirts sunned yesterday and today may stop in the near future. Daily skirts or bows

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