# Parakeet Diary #The little daughter-in-law has been taken home

  • # Diary of Parrot Breeding#The little daughter-in-law has been taken home! Like the last time Gaga was picked up, the shopkeeper gave him a photograph of the boy from birth to the present. There are three little daughters-in-law in this nest. She is the youngest sister to come out of the shell. There is another brother who is of the same color as Gaga. But don't worry, this new baby is not related to Gaga, so at least there won't be a dog's blood trick where a lover is bound to become brother and sister.[笑cry]。 Just now, I tried to let Gaga meet her first. Gaga's disgusting creature ran away when he saw a fresh face.[允悲]It doesn't matter. It's still a long time. I must let Gaga have love.[酷]

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