Recently, the fashion business circle in the United States has come to a new trend.

  • Recently, there has been a new trend in the fashion business circle in the United States: clothes that do not need to be washed.

    Of course, it is not completely unnecessary to wash, but it can greatly reduce the frequency of washing. And not down jackets, jackets. Several start-ups have started selling Tee and shirts that can last a month and are not dirty. Close-fitting but not dirty or smelly because of sweating, as long as they shake and dry.
    I was curious to see that these brands used the latest textile material technology to make "wool shirts/Tees". They chose fine wool, such as Merino wool, which can be as fine as tens of microns (more than half as thin as hair silk), and then blended this super-fine, super-soft wool with other breathable materials to make light wool fabrics.
    In fact, wool has very strong air permeability. You want sheep to live in a place where there is a big temperature difference between day and night. When the day is very hot, they must be able to heat adequately instead of being stuffy. The principle of wool warming is also fluffy, can leave enough air between the fibers. So wool is actually the best material given by nature.
    Then, clothes sweat stink, in fact, sweat is clean, smelly only because there are a variety of bacteria stifling fermentation, cotton T and shirts must be changed every day in summer. But if the air permeability is good enough, sweat will be removed immediately and evaporation is clean, there will be no fermentation problem, and it will naturally be worn for a long time without washing.
    In addition to wool, there are other things, such as algae fibers, and some manufacturers use chemicals to pretreat the fabrics so that they can resist bacteria. Anyway, it won't be a big problem if you don't wash it.

    These clothes were initially aimed at outdoor people or people who need to travel frequently, but have recently begun to be promoted to ordinary people. After all, laundry is a very troublesome thing and very environmentally friendly (waste of water, detergent more or less has an impact on the environment).
    Moreover, many clothes themselves need not be washed too often, such as unfitted sweaters, coats, jeans and so on. The concept of "changing clothes from time to time" is mostly stir-fried by washing machines and detergent manufacturers, which greatly improves people's cleaning standards and does a lot of unnecessary cleaning work. People just "feel dirty psychologically" to wash, not it is really dirty. Plus now everyone is indoors. The rooms are very clean and the clothes are not really dirty.
    So I think most of these "unwashed" clothes challenge people's psychological threshold, just like tampons (fog).

    Likewise, in a city like Beijing, light-colored clothes can still be visibly dirty, which is impossible. Laundry may also have other considerations, not to say not to wash at all, may still be... It's like washing once a week.
    As for the change of _____________ I just have a lot of clothes to wear but I can't change clothes every day. You hit me! (FOG)

    Finally, these clothes... It doesn't look cheap, but one can be worn for a month! See if anyone is interested. No advertising! It's not purchasing on behalf! But if a manufacturer wants to contact me to do the experiment, please don't hesitate.[doge][doge]

    Figure 1. PANGAIA seaweed material Tee, $85
    Figure 2 Wool & amp; Prince's wool shirt, $128
    Figure 3 Wool & amp; women's long gown, $128
    Figure 4 Unbound Merino Tee, $65

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