Is self-enrollment effective? There are two similar studies.

  • Is self-enrollment effective?

    There are two similar studies. One is the follow-up study of Qingbei University students by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Shenzhen University. The breaking students with lower than average scores in the college entrance examination are at the same level as ordinary students and even excellent students in their career orientation during and after graduation. Even under the same family conditions, such as parents'education and household registration, the broken students are significantly higher than the ordinary students in the ranking of University achievements.

    Another is a study from Beijing University of Technology, citing directly 21 Financial reports:

    "After a large-scale survey of students enrolled independently in 2008 and 2015, the research team found that in terms of scientific research topics, scientific and technological innovation competitions and patent acquisition, the performance of the students enrolled by the same university is better than that of the students enrolled independently, occupying an absolute advantage in the field of academic research, and with the passage of time, the average difference between the two is significant. It's increasing.

    According to the research group, academic research performance during the university period often depends on individual efforts. It shows that over time, the investment and importance of academic research of students selected by self-enrollment have declined during the University period.

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