A bizarre terrestrial newt, Geonemertes...

  • A bizarre terrestrial newt, Geonemertes pelaensis, belongs to the Hoplonemertea subphylum of the Neonatal Fauna, native to the islands of the Indian Ocean-Pacific Ocean. Despite its poor appearance, the soft insect is a ferocious predator. Like other carnivorous newworms, Geonemertes pelaensis's weapon is a snout tube that pops out of the mouth and quickly attaches to the prey and injects toxins into the prey through numerous tiny needles on the surface of the snout tube, which are somewhat like the stinging cells on the tentacles of jellyfish (usually insects and insects). Spiders and other arthropods) are also entangled in their bodies like snakes to prevent them from escaping. After paralysis, Geonemertes pelaensis inserts a kiss into the victim's body and sucks up their fluid.

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