Learning and communicating Chinese WeChat Group & 学习交流中文微信群

  • Learning and communicating Chinese WeChat Group & 学习交流中文微信群

    Open WeChat and scan QR code.
    Add a WeChat account:qd10240,send "Chinese",Pull you into a group chat.

    Ouvrez WeChat et scannez le code QR.
    Ajoutez un compte WeChat: qd10240 envoyez "Chinois" , Tirez-vous dans une discussion de groupe.

    WeChatアカウントを追加する:qd10240、 "Chinese"を送る、あなたをグループチャットに招待する。

    Öffnen Sie WeChat und scannen Sie den QR-Code.
    Füge ein WeChat-Konto hinzu: qd10240 , sende "Chinesisch" , Ziehe dich in einen Gruppenchat.

    Откройте WeChat и отсканируйте QR-код.
    Добавить учетную запись WeChat : qd10240 , отправить «китайский» , Потяните вас в групповой чат.

    Abra WeChat y escanee el código QR.
    Agregue una cuenta de WeChat : qd10240 , envíe "Chino" , Ingrese a un chat grupal.

    Apri WeChat e scansiona il codice QR.
    Aggiungi un account WeChat: qd10240, invia "Cinese", ti porta in una chat di gruppo.


    เปิด WeChat และสแกนรหัส QR
    เพิ่มบัญชี WeChat: qd10240, ส่ง "ภาษาจีน", ดึงคุณเข้าสู่การแชทกลุ่ม

    פתח את WeChat וסרוק קוד QR.
    הוסף חשבון WeChat: qd10240, שלח "סינית", משוך אותך לצ'אט קבוצתי.

    ເປີດ WeChat ແລະ scan QR code.
    ເພີ່ມບັນຊີ WeChat: qd10240, ສົ່ງ "ຈີນ", ດຶງທ່ານເຂົ້າໄປໃນການສົນທະນາກຸ່ມ.

    Mở WeChat và quét mã QR.
    Thêm tài khoản WeChat từ xa qd10240 , gửi "Tiếng Trung" Kéo bạn vào một cuộc trò chuyện nhóm.

    WeChat을 열고 QR 코드를 스캔하십시오.
    WeChat 계정 추가 : qd10240, "중국어"보내기, 그룹 채팅으로 연결.

    Buksan ang WeChat at i-scan ang QR code.
    Magdagdag ng isang WeChat account: qd10240, magpadala ng "Chinese", Hilahin ka sa isang pangkat na chat.

    Hapni WeChat dhe skico kodin QR.
    Shto një llogari WeChat: qd10240, dërgoni "Chinese", Tërhiqni në një grup chat.

    افتح WeChat ومسح رمز الاستجابة السريعة.
    إضافة حساب WeChat : qd10240 , إرسال "الصينية" , سحب لك في دردشة مجموعة.

    Buka WeChat dan imbas kod QR.
    Tambah akaun WeChat: qd10240, hantar "Cina", Tarik anda ke dalam sembang kumpulan.

    Open WeChat en scan QR-code.
    Voeg een WeChat-account toe: qd10240, verzend "Chinees", trek je naar een groepschat.

    Åbn WeChat og scan QR-kode.
    Tilføj en WeChat-konto: qd10240, send "kinesisk", Træk dig ind i en gruppechat.

    Abra o WeChat e escaneie o código QR.
    Adicione uma conta WeChat : qd10240 , envie "Chinese" , Puxe-o para um chat em grupo.

    Відкрийте WeChat і скануйте QR-код.
    Додати акаунт WeChat: qd10240 "відправити" китайський ", Витягти вас у груповий чат.

    WeChat'i açın ve QR kodunu tarayın.
    Bir WeChat hesabı ekleyin : qd10240 , "Çince" gönder , Seni grup sohbetine çek.

    英文、日本語、Deutsch 德语、Le français 法语、西班牙语、意大利语、繁体中文、希伯来语、泰语、老挝语、

    越南语、韩语、菲律宾语、艾尔巴利亚、阿拉伯语、马来西亚、荷兰 、丹麦、葡萄牙、乌克兰、土耳其


  • this one is about 800mb

  • that one is about 3gb

  • This is not the real batman regardless of what you call him. It is a costume.

  • This is not the batman

  • B
    It's likely the put a new skin on the UI (user interface) and called it Hongmeng Beta or some shit to give the appearance they were still in control.
    Smoke and mirror tricks might work here but people are too sceptical abroad and are eager to call out bullshit when they smell it

  • Who is satin hu.
    Satan Who? I remember a sweet middle school girl at meten who was called Satan.
    Not to be confused with that other girl called Devil.

  • The only people who belived that were either delusional or nationalistic propaganda enthusiasts.

  • The knee-jerk saying they didn't care because the red dream was better was just a desperate grasp for face

  • Yang this is interesting news. Seems Huawei have no plans to use Hongmeng on smartphones.

  • I wonder this whole thing would just end up like satin hu .

  • That's my camera work

  • You're welcome! You'll be singing this crap all day

  • It's not about huawei

  • Susan Rice was national security advisor for obama
    Ambassador Cui is the Chinese ambassador to usa
    Lijian zhao was caught out making inaccurate claims in one of his recent anti-america twitter rants.
    Susan rice was suggesting ambassador cui should get lijian zhao under control.
    Ambassador Cui is a very astute and intelligent guy as well as an excellent diplomat.

  • I reject his argument not just because he is an ignorant racist and they are simply inaccurate but because:

    1. His argument is a logical fallacy called a non sequitur

    2. This is not an issue where playing the routine "china is the victim here" card holds any water

  • persona non grata-ed like the brit ambassador was made at the whitehouse

  • What is bring “PNGed”? Papua New Guinea’d?

  • who is Susan rice or ambassador CUI?

  • who is Susan rice and ambassador CUI?

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