Recently, according to the Japanese NHK TV station reports that...

  • A total of 14 deer have died since March 2019, according to the Deer Care Society of Nara Park, a deer protection group, according to NHK TV station in Japan. Nine of them have found plastic waste such as plastic bags in their stomachs. Plastic bags and snack bags have been twisted into lumps. The largest lump weighs 4.3 kilograms.
    The death of deer caused by eating plastic bags by mistake has attracted the attention of relevant organizations. On the 10th, after 8 years in Nara Park, another garbage collection activity was held in the park. 140 volunteers participated in the activity.
    After an hour and a half, 53 kilograms of garbage such as plastic bags and empty cans have been found.[奥特曼]

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